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Making the Leap to Online Teaching

Presented by: Dr. June Garwin, West Chester Area School District with Mary Beth Clifton

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What is the next version of school going to look like?

Is online learning effective?
-It Depends
-Students who combine online with face-to-face do the best Dept of Ed 2009
-75% of teachers said teaching online had a positive impact on their face-to-face teaching Blackboard 2009

Pro Devo for Blended Learning
-Best Practices
-Communities of Learners
-Use existing tech

They didn’t teach the nuts and bolts of tech (like Moodle)  They helped but was not part of the instructional design

Online Standards

District uses Moodle for their student management system (Great Choice!!)

Make sure you have an end of the year process to move students out and new students in

Online classes must be handled differently between K-12 and College environments

Units for Teachers (Week per)
-Getting Started with online teaching
-creating the online course
-facilitating online learning
-assessing online learning

General Format (Each Week)
Whole group discussion
Team Activity
Moodle Activity
Individual Reflection
Individual project

Online Teams

4-6 people best
Think about the composition of teams
Cannot talk face-to-face
Ice Breaker activity
Assigned roles impose a starting structure (the more structure the better)
Intro at last face to face meeting
Forms basis of communities of learning/practice

Team Assignments

Consensus Building (Hard at first)
Division of Labor

Team Dynamics

Provide means for collaboration
Monitor the check for problems

Course Structure
Expectations of submissions, feedback and conduct  (Me too is not a discussion)
How to get help
Assignment checklists with due dates
Rubrics and Grading
Unit Consistency

John Medina’s 12 Brain Rules

Student Engagement
May look different online then face-to-face
Create real-world connections and choice
Campaign against the Online Worksheet

Great session… Jason and I are feeling good about our pedagogy after this session.  They have some great ideas on student and teacher involvement.  Finding out about the 12 brain rules was a score!!!

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